Tropical climate area

Tropical climate area is an area that has a tropical climate due to pass the equator. The tropical climate is hot and cause the appearance of two seasons, rainy and dry season. Because of this climate as well, the sun shines for 12 hours per day. Flora and fauna can grow well so that the potential of natural resources can be developed.

Definition of Climate

Climate is the average weather in a long period. In the past, before the global warming, climate period can be calculated based on changes once every 30 years. Now, that period can not be proved in theory. The changes are very visible from the weather conditions are easily changed.

In the past, we know what month it will rain and the drought will come. However, now it can not be predicted. Weather change without predictable. In one day alone, there could be a prolonged heat, rain followed within a few hours.

trpical climate

Climate Classification

The division of the world's climate by Junghuhn, climatologists, divided into six major classes based on altitude.

Tropical climate, in hot regions with a height of between 0-600 meters above sea level. The average temperature of-220C 26.30. Plants that can grow in this area are rice, corn, coffee, tobacco, sugarcane, rubber, coconut, and chocolate.

Climates, occur in areas with an average temperature of 220 to 17.10 C at an altitude of 600-1500 meters above sea level. Plants that can grow is quinine, vegetables, rice, tobacco, tea, coffee, and chocolate.

Cool climate, occur in areas with an average temperature of 17.10 to 11.10 C at an altitude of 1500-2500 meters above sea level. Plants can be grown are tea, coffee, quinine, and vegetables.

Cold climates, occur in areas with an average temperature of 11.10 to 6.20 C at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level.

Climate of the sun, which consists of a tropical climate, subtropical, temperate and polar climates.

Physical climate, consisting of ocean climate (maritime) climate, terrestrial (continental), the plateau climate, mountain climate and monsoon climate.

Characteristics of the Tropical Climate

The characteristics of a tropical climate is as follows.
  • Temperatures average height between 200-230C. In certain places, can reach 3000C.

  • Has a low air pressure, turn slowly and irregularly.

  • Rainfall is likely to be numerous and frequent. More than other countries in the world.

  • Amplitude of the annual average temperature is small, whereas a large daily. For the equatorial region between 10-50C.
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